The Joy of a Cool Down

Day 24

Today I am writing from my yoga mat. My peloton ride followed by a core class is done and now I rest. I set my alarm early enough to give myself ample time in rest, post a sweat sesh. I’m the only one awake and there is peace in the calm. I can set my intentions for the day and prioritize my to-do list. I focus on gratitude and positivity. This is especially important work when it’s been gray, cold and rainy for the past few days. I take time to stretch and hydrate, starting the day on the right foot. This is what wellness looks like to me. My goal for tonight will be to get to bed early because that is a wellness and vitality component that I have not been doing great with.

3 responses to “The Joy of a Cool Down”

  1. I love that you wrote from your yoga mat. I would love to see places where everyone writes – – it shows that no matter how busy we think we are, we can always write in the moment and capture something beautiful to share with others who also need to have the daily goal of going to bed earlier tonight because she didn’t get much sleep last night either because of her grumpy dog who growls and moans every time a human moves a muscle and yes, she should have that goal too……or move the dog. Downward dog. Hmmmmm……..


  2. I love that you are working towards getting more sleep. I am planning on working towards that because I need it for my wellness. Just not tonight. I’m heading out for coffee night. Hopefully over spring break. Good luck with your goal.


  3. Oh this resonates so much with me! I miss my early mornings with it’s stillness and peace and potential waiting to be released! With a baby in the house, that routine has been put on a shelf for now. Someday!


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